Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Big 3-0 Candy CLOSED

End of this month I will be celebrating a big Birthday. Let's just say I'm leaving my 20's behind me. So I wanted to share a little bit of candy to celebrate.

Here's what's included:
Nestabilities Label 8
Autumn Leaves Coordinating items- (brads, clips, stamps, more stamps, ink, ribbons)
Paper Make up stamp sets x2
Jessica Lynn Original stamp set
DCWV ribbon set

To enter my giveaway:
* leave me a comment below & Tell me the most beautiful girls name you've ever heard! *And link my candy on your blog. Following my blog is optional but appreciated!

I will ship worldwide. I will draw for this candy Nov. 1.


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andi said...

Happy Birthday and thanks a lot for the chance to win the candy...
The name I love is Ana, my dougthers name...
Grattings from Romania

Margreet said...

I wish you all the best with your coming 30th birthday...I think it very young, for its the age of my daughter...her name I like most: English it means something like "little women" (in dialecte)...I linked your fab candy on my sidebar and I'm a follower now!
xxx Margreet

Νένα said...

Happy birthday!!
Thanks so much for offering such a great candy.My favourite name is my daughter's, Kristianna.
I added a link to your blog on my sidebar.

tanja said...

Happy Birthday Jacilynn!!!!
Thank you for the chance to win this great candy!!!!!!!!
Linked it on my sidebar.
My fav girlname = Sissy from the film sissy she is prinses of wenen so romantic is this film by by tanja

Főkolomp said...

Happy Birthday!
My favorite girl name is ANNA, my daughters name.
I have linked your candy on my blog.
Thank you for the CHANCE!!!!!
Zsuzsanna from Hungary

KarenB said...

Happy 30th birthday! The prettiest girl's name for me is "Jasmine" - the name I gave my daughter :) If I ever had other daughters I also love the names Imogen and Grace. There are so many beautiful names aren't there?

Thanks for the chance to win a lovely blog candy - I've linked you up:)

Lynsey said...

Happy Birthday Jacilynn! My favourite girl's name is 'Grace' and thats what I called my little girl!
Thanks for the chance to win such great candy, I will put a link on my side bar for you.
Hugs Lynsey x

Sol said...

I would have to say Bethany. )(any Norwegian names would be difficult for you to use!. But this is a name that I think is Beautiful! Great Candy and your Idea....And Congratulations!

fodorka said...

Happy Birthday Jacilynn!!

My favorite girl's name is Sarah ,like my daugter is named and Anna.

Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful candy.


Skorpiocska said...

Congratulations for this round can now celebrate the anniversary of my birthday, but I have a slightly higher number. :-)

Lisa aka Myran said...

Happy Birthday!! Wishing you the happiest day yet =)

My favorit name is Saga (it's an old Scandinavian name).

Belyona said...

WOW! So sweet candy! :)
I like Aleksandra (Sasha) and Natalia (Natasha, Tasha, Tusya)
My link is on a left sidebar. Welcome to my blog :)

Natasha from Russia :)

Anita Hovey said...

I love the name Sophia.

thanks for the chance to win...will add you to my candy bowl!


daxl said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the great candy!
My favourite name is: Eleni
Greetings from Austria, Dagmar

Alison L said...

Happy Birthday...(next year you will be 29 again lol)
Thanks fir the opportunity to win such gorgeous candy.

My favourite girl's name is Shannon.


Peninia said...

Happy Birthday Jacilynn!Super nice candy!!!
Peninia :)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Jacilynn! Thank you for celebrating with us and offering such great candy!
My favorite name ist Anna-Lena.

Greetings from Germany,

Heike said...

Happy Birthday, the Blogcandy is wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar.

My favourite girl name is "MIA" my little daughter's name :-))...


vartig12 said...

Happy Birthday! I am from Greece and my daughters name is my favorite ancient Greek name "Nefeli".

YTET said...

Happy Birthday to you Jacilynn!

My favorite girl's name is Irene.

Thanks for a chance to win.

Corrine said...

love the candy the most beautiful girls name is rose

Lynnette Davis said...

Happy Birthday Jacilynn!

The most beautiful girls name I've ever heard of is my first born daughters name....Deja (pronounced like dejavu).

I love it so much that I even got it tattoed on me.

When my daughter was younger she would make conversation with people in the grocery store line and when they asked what her name was and she told them Deja they would always tell her that she had a beautiful name. Her reply would always be...."I know!" LOL

Michelle R said...

Happy 30Th enjoy it...I had my BIG 40 this year. My daughters name has got to be the most beautiful name .....Kaleigh Michelle

helen said...

girl's name...seneca! i loved it as a child and as i have not heard it again, it still sounds beautiful to me. some names i have liked, get used too much or you meet someone with your favorite name and it destroys your image of that name.
back to the candy, i have linked your blog from mine.

Crafty Chris said...

Hi I think my fav name would have to be summer, thanks for the chance to win some candy. Christine x

Mary Lou said...

Hi Jacilynn~~ WOW!! The most beautiful girls name I love is "Alissa Rose" --that is my daughter's name and she is 22 and I still love her name!!!!!!!! Congrats on BIGGG B-day--don't forget to celebrate and thanks for offering up candy!! Linked is to my blog.
Mary Lou

...fairyland said...

Happy birthday!!!
i blogged about your candy!!

the most beautiful name i ve ever heard is Amaryllis and is the name of this flower! said...

Hi Jacilynn
happy 30's birthday!!!
I'm just in time to join your candy :-)

my fav name is Carlotta (if I have a baby girl I call her Carlotta!)

I'm going to write about your candy!!!
I hope all is ok

hugs eli

Kimba-Slydog said...

I wish you all the best for your "round" birthday.

Thanks for this great birthday candy.

If I ever will have a baby-girl, I will name her Anna-Belle.

I link your candy in my sidebar at once.


Charlene said...

Happy Birthday! It's a big one, but you're still so young! I'm 34 now, well into my thirties ;) blah LOL
I posted your candy to my sidebar HERE. The most beautiful girl name I would have to say is Aurora. Yes, I stole that from Sleeping Beauty. ;) But it's a gorgeous name! OH, also I volunteer at a preschool and there is a sweet little girl there with the most unusual SWEET name: Brightie. Is that cute or WHAT? :) Hope you like them!

emilidolls said...

beatiful blog candy wowwww"!!!!!!!!!!
ny name favorit ylenia,federica

Lilly said...

Happy birthday!!!!I'm your follower and my favourite name is sophie!
thanks for the opportunity!

Lilly said...

I've forgotten..I've put the link too ;-)

miciabianca said...

Hello, Jacillynn, I'm writimg from Italy, sorry for my english!
Your candy is fantastic!!!!!
My favourit name is "Azzurra"
Bye Bye!

Dawn (dmh) said...

Happy Birthday!
What a nice gift you are giving away.
I don't have a blog yet. :(
I'm learning alot about them this week though. Hope to have one soon.
Have a great weekend!

Susana said...

Happy Birthday!
The most beautiful girls name i would have to say is my Daughters name which is CONSTANZA.
Thankyou for the chance to win.

Hugs from México.

Blankiefinder said...

Happy 30th birthday! Thanks for the chance to win! Linked to you on my blog.

Sara said...

Posso partecipare anche io???
ti ho inserita nelmio blog:

Anne H. said...

Happy Birthday!
You have a lovely Blog and your paperwork is gorgeous!
My daugher`s name is Tonje - so I guess that is the most beautiful girls name....
Take care xx
Anne -:)

Erzsébet said...

Happy birthday! The most beautiful girl name for me my daughter's name: Kamilla.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday!
That bear in your candy got my eye!
Favorite is Cecilia Rose.

Cetty said...

happy birthday and thank you so much for the nice candy!
my favourite name for a girl would be Rachel :)
You soon Cetty

Eleonora said...

Hi.. such a beautiful blog.. true compliments!
I'd like to partecipate to your blog candy, so now I'll go to put the link in my blog.
I'm italian so the name that I'll give you reflect my nationality ^_^.. however, the most beautiful girl name I've ever heard is Maria Elena, that is also the name that I want to give to my daughter in the future.
Kisses, Eleonora.

jude said...

Wow thanks for the chance to win some birthday candy .Have great birthday and welcome to the over 20's club...lolhave fab birthday!
have added link

Nancy L. said...

Happy Birthday!
I too will turn the big 30 on the 17th (yikes)! Well I love my daughters name: Marisa (just one S) but I know they are other beautiful names out there!

Evelyn C said...

Happy Birthday enjoy your 30's, i just popped into the next decade last year on the 27th Nov, son's birthday is the 28th!What fabby candy you have on offer, thanks for the chance - I have become a follower too -My favourite girls name has to be my daughter's - Emma Nicole after 2 boys and 2 miscarriages she was much awaited and longed for, and her name was picked and never changed, always new i would eventually have my emma nicole, and i did!

Lori said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! Blessings to you for many many more :D

Since I need to choose just one... the most beautiful girl's name I've heard is Linnea Grace. Grace especially because of God's grace and mercy towards us :D

Thank you for the chance to win your yummy candy! Your link is on my sidebar:


Renate´s Stempelwelt said...

Happy Birthday :-)

thanks for the chance of this wonderful blog candy!

I like the names Leonie, Lea and marina.

lg renate

weeziechk said...

Happy Birthday - the most beautiful girl's name for me is Anastasia - I've linked you candy on my blog.
TTFN - LL & P,

iluvmybugs said...

HAPPY BIG 3-0 JACILYNN!!! Best wishes for a great day and many, many more!!

I have to say 'Diana Lynn' is my favorite girl's name and it belongs to my favorite daughter!!

Thanks for the chance at your generous b-day candy..I've linked you to my sidebar.


Donna said...

Happy Birthday ope you have a fab day. Wow great candy count me in and the most beautiful girls name has to be Daisy which is my 5yr olds name her full name is Daisy Amelia Willow which really suits her

Michelle R said...

Happy 30th!My daughters name is the most beautiful I think.
Kaleigh Michelle

jude said...

hiya ,
Happy birthday hun i did enter but cant see my entry so here goes again.
Fav name is ...Emily Louise .
links have been on blog for while
thanks jude

bombamagagna said...

ciao, sono ancora in tempo per partecipare? :) ho pubblicato il tuo link!

hello, they are still in time in order to participate? :) I have published yours link!

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