Monday, December 26, 2011

Someone has too much time on their hands

I don’t really  have too much time on my hands, after all I am a work at home Mom of 3 kiddies. But I do have a special talent for diverting myself from “what I’m suppose to be doing".    So the other day I took out some polymer clay for the kids to make a Christmas ornament with.  My little guy started and asked me to make Harry Potter’s head.  


As a side note, he’s never seen Harry Potter but knows that Harry Potter is awesome. I may or may not have something to do with him thinking this. So the little man’s Harry Potter figure turns into a 2 hour play session where I make these!  I think his figure (above) turned out great, what a little artist.


Here’s a closer look…


10 points to any readers who can name all these characters.  Thanks for taking a look while I share my obsession love for all things Harry Potter.


Clare *Littlebear* said...

Oh these are fantastic Jacilynn! I bet you had loads of fun making them.
Hugs and best wishes. Clare x

fusiafscrapping said...

Great job Jacilynn! I'm HP fan.
I recognize:
Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger.
Am I right?

Lisa said...

very very cute!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

Rachel said...

There are awesome! Haha, what a cute way to craft one of your obsessions! I just recently finished watching all the movies, and I'm almost done with reading Half Blood Prince (I'm upset that I only have one more book after this!).

Hehe, I was going to say that you should make Voldemort, but I don't know how you'd show that he has no nose so they all don't have noses :)

Sandra said...

wonderful job on both accounts - keep him at reading the books - much better than the movies!
Dubledore, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Professor Snap, Harry, Ron and Hermione.... wonderful
Sandra ltb

Carisa said...

oh wow, very cool! i think next you need to make the cast of Twilight and/or Lord of the Rings! *giggle*

Juls said...

wow this is just fabulous!!! Hugs Juls

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

These are darling, Jaci! Love them. :)

Cheryl said...

These are so FUN!

Sarabeth said...

these came out amazing jacilynn!!! i love them :)

thanks for sharing!


Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Jacilynn!
Oeh, these are soooo cool!!! I love Harry Potter! Received the last dvd for Christmas and can't wait to watch it again!
I have the Dutch names for you of these characters ;-)
Albus Perkamentus, Minerva Anderling, Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Sneep, Harry Potter, Ron Wemel and Hermelien Griffel!
Love what you created!!!
Hugs, Wendy